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We're contact centre industry veterans with bucketloads of drive and passion.  We're here to shake things up and share our skills with as many businesses as we can.

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We're a pretty awesome bunch (if we do say so ourselves!) - we love what we do, have loads of fun doing it, and never let a challenge get in the way of a great outcome! 

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The nature of business in Australia is rapidly changing. Ever increasing customer demands and technological innovations are forcing businesses to become more adaptable and dynamic than ever before.

It is important that your business is ready to adapt to these changes. We believe that paving a path through this demanding landscape requires a shift in the typical management consulting model. Athena Consulting is more than a consulting firm: we are a transformation partner. We are here to drive this shift and establish a new bar for the industry.

We’re doing this in 2 key ways.  First, by acknowledging that no two businesses are the same, and as such our solutions must be fit-for-purpose. Second, we bring deep knowledge and industry expertise, providing the specialist insights needed to drive real results in your business.

Our head office is based in Sydney CBD, with team members based across Melbourne and Gold Coast, and clients supported nationally.

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