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Athena Consulting supports new and existing call centres to help optimise their people, process & technology.  Whether large or small, our team brings the real-world experience to drive your business to it's next level of success. See us as your “transformation partner”, working alongside your team to ensure you are implementing strategies that achieve the most successful results, while building lasting capability within your business and your team.

Gone are the days of the typical inbound call centre. Digital transformation and the rise of social media is driving a fundamental shift in customer's needs and expectations - majority of the interaction you have with your customers will now be via self-service, digitally assisted service, web-chat, social media and other non-phone related channels.

The management consulting model therefore needs to change too. Inbound call centre strategies and methodologies do not work in an increasingly digital landscape, so you need support from experts who bring deep knowledge and offer an approach that is tailored for your business.


How Do We Help?

Athena Consulting can assist your business to drive customer loyalty, enhance efficiencies, lower costs and improve staff loyalty.  Whether you are a small inbound call centre or a large, omni-channel customer operation - our team have the expertise to drive results for your business.

Some of the ways we do this:


When you have an objective to meet or an opportunity to realise, but you aren't sure of the path to take to get you there or how to prioritise the steps along the way, we will help you identify the way forward and develop a roadmap to success.  Learn More.

SUPPORT YOUR Transformation

When you are embarking upon a transformation journey, perhaps a technology implementation, an operating model change, or outsourcing some back-office activity, we will provide project and change management resources with deep specialist knowledge to ensure you deliver your project on-time and within budget.  Learn More.

PROVIDE Training & Mentoring

When your business and customer landscape is shifting, your team need to accumulate new skills and capabilities to support your ongoing success.  We will tailor a training package to the specific requirements of your team, and mentor them to embed those skills and drive your business into the future.  Learn More.


When you are embarking on the design or transformation of your customer journey and need the expertise of a senior leader to provide strategic input at a Board, C-Suite or SteerCo level to ensure a smooth and successful journey, we will provide support as your Virtual Chief Operating Officer or Virtual Chief Customer Officer and ensure you are on track for success.  Learn More.


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We can happily talk about call centres, customer experience, digital disruption and operational efficiency for days.  We're also a pretty social bunch - so we'd love to buy you a coffee & chat about how we can help you succeed. 

Our head office is based in Sydney, with teams also based in Melbourne and support offered Nationally - so I'm sure we'll be in your neck of the woods sometime soon.

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